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As many Real Estate agents know, traditional virtual tours aren’t that effective. They’re used more to satisfy the seller than to impress the buyer. They’re often too hard to navigate and they’re not cost effective.
3D Virtual Showcases are completely different. Not only are they much more intuitive and immersive but they’re actually virtual! Many people are already familiar with Google Maps so they understand how to navigate through a space.
Many Real Estate agents are turning to video to show off a property. Although videos are visually impressive and give a new perspective, they still lack the control that home buyers crave.
3D Virtual Showcases are the ideal blend of function and beauty. Sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience.
And the more someone “clicks” on your website, it increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How will this help me?

The 3D Showcase is a realistic 3D model that gives you the freedom to explore a space in a whole new way. The 3D camera uses variety of sensors to capture the appearance and proportions of the space. It stitches together the dimensions, objects, colors and textures to create a three-dimensional world. It is immersive, engaging, stimulating, fun and most importantly makes you STAND OUT in your market. If teleportation was possible, the 3D Interactive Showcase would be the next best thing in line.

No More Wasted Showings

This state of the art technology proves effective in saving both the buyers and sellers time by providing a variety of viewing options. This, in turn, can more effectively help buyers determine if the house matches all the criteria.

Furthermore, they can be viewed at any time, and is a great memory-refresher if a buyer is having trouble deciding on which house they like best. This also provides an added opportunity for a spouse to be able to view the house if they were unable to attend the in-person showing.

How would this help Realtors?

In today’s modern world, most of your clients start their home buying search online. With that said, this 3D showcase allows your space to be viewed from anywhere in the country at any time, even if it’s 2am. It gives you the power to reach out to the masses. You will have the reputation of a tech savvy company. You’ll be the only one in your market and gain competitive advantage. The 3D Showcase will help you win more listing appointments, receive more referrals and connect with out-of-town clients.

How is a 3D Showcase Virtual Tour different from a traditional virtual tour?

Sell Homes BetterA traditional virtual tour isn’t really virtual. It’s just a gallery or video of stationary panoramic photos. Although techniques vary, most traditional tours don’t allow the viewer to move around within the space. At the very most, traditional tours offer 10 individual locations to view the space. Traditional photographers use DSLR cameras to capture multiple photos that are then stitched together to form a panorama which is viewed using special online plugins.

When we use the 3D camera, it allows the viewer to explore the space in up to 200 locations that are seamlessly stitched together. They can look up, look down, turn around, walk around items (such as a kitchen island) and see the space from multiple angles of their choosing. Because we use the profession 3D camera, we can create a completely virtual walk through to allow the viewer to better conceptualize the space.

How do I embed a 3D Virtual Tour into a website?

With the unique URL, you can directly share your showcase through Real Estate websites (MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtors, etc), emails, print ads, postcards, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, etc).

Embedding a model is very straightforward: With an embed code, the showcase will pop-up, just like a YouTube video, where anyone can view it instantly.

You can copy & paste the code onto your company or personal website, or any website that supports HTML/iFrames. If you’re not feeling tech savvy, just let us know and we can help you!